Week 6, 8/7, Salsa Week!

Welcome to summer delivery week 6, with summer tastes in full bloom.  We hope you enjoy this week, we think it is a good one.  Lots of ingredients for fresh eating, salsas, and sauces.  The Tomato variety (Bellstar) holds together well when cooked or chopped, and the Tomatillos are great fresh or used as a sauce base for chicken or pork especially.

Please note that this is probably the last week at least for awhile for Cucumbers, which are running out of energy after delivering bushel after bushel of cukes to us this year, and also for summer squash.... not because the plants are showing any sign of stopping but because we need the bed space for planting our fall crops.

Also this week, if you normally pick up your delivery in Buffalo, you will be getting Cherry Tomatoes, and if you pick up in Hamburg, Eggplant instead.  The following week we will swap this around and do the opposite.

We are finally swimming in fresh eggs, collecting three times a day from the chicken ladies who are currently enjoying some new pasture that we cleared recently.  This week is a full share, and starting next week we will start to double you up for the eggs missed previously.  A note on our eggs -- they are never delivered to you older than 6 days -- very fresh!  This is fantastic for most uses, especially fried or poached in my opinion, but perhaps not soft or hard boiled.  A fresh egg, while tasty, has a very strong bond to its shell, which makes it difficult to peel.  Over time, the air sack in the egg increases in size, and the shell becomes easier to peel off when boiled.  What does this mean?  Well you can boil them anytime of course, but for easier peeling, let the eggs hang out in the fridge for a week or two.  Our eggs are very fresh and well cared for, and you should never have any problem storing them for a month at least if you need to.

Garden baskets Deliveries: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 271 Grant Street Buffalo, 330-6 PM, or 318 Buffalo St Hamburg 5-7 PM

Summer Veggie Box

Summer Eggs

See you toimorrow,