Week 18 from Little Bear Farm

  I hope you enjoy our nice fresh fall lettuces this week, as well as some of our radishes.  The Black Spanish Radish specifically has a very strong horse-radish type flavor, and we've found it to be delicious in salads, or even braised or roasted.  We've also got fall roasting onions and potatoes this week, as well as some other fresh eating items.  The leaves are changing on our farm, but the food is still growing strong.

Apologies in advance -- our paper bag situation is a little scarce this week (waiting for a new shipment to arrive) so you may receive a slightly wrinkled or gently used bag.... also our well water has been in and out of commission while it gets connected to our new farmhouse so there may be a little extra grit on the produce this week and next.  Sorry!  Please wash a little extra if you can.

-Little Bear Farm

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