Week 16 -- some additional horsepower

Little Bear Farm got a bit of an upgrade recently -- this is our new four wheeled tractor, in Charlotte's favorite color orange.  We are looking forward to this machine helping us grow our farm next year to include things like sweet corn, melons, and add larger quantities of potatoes, garlic, etc.  Already used it to move large quantities of rocks in a fraction of the usual time.  Hooray!

I'm performing a little agricultural slight of hand this week, so please pay attention below to see exactly what you are getting in your veggie bag.  Some of you are getting Okra, some beans, and so on.  I hope to flip the equation next week if all goes well, so if you don't get something this week, you should get that item next week.

Veggie subscriptions Deliveries: Monday, September 19, 2016 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Veggie Subscription

Fall begins on Wednesday -- Yay for Fleece jackets, bourbon, and delicious soups!