Tomato Tuesday II: The Reckoning


  In this picture we have a very nice side dish of tomato slices (salted of course, with basil) and raw garlic -- delicious!  It is that time of year and we should all be indulging.  This week especially the sugar content of our tomatoes is prime, especially in the cherries.  Please have some tasty tomato dishes!  We have many of our sauce/salsa tomatoes too, this week and next, and want to mention that we think they are great frozen whole in freezer bags, to be saved for dishes this winter.  Just pull out some frozen tomatoes and throw them in a pan.

Pickup tomorrow, Tuesday, August 21st -- 271 Grant Street, Buffalo, 330-6pm, or Hamburg 318 Buffalo Street, 5-7 PM.

Garden baskets Deliveries: Tuesday, August 21, 2018 

Summer Veggie Box

Summer Eggs