May Update (Getting close!) 2017

Hello Subscribers --

It feels like the weather is settling down -- we've had a lot of sun and heat here on the farm.  It has been an interesting May -- 2 weeks of rain and cold temperature followed by 2 weeks of sun and warmth with no precipitation.  Keeps me on my toes I guess!

As you can see from this picture, we have started to harvest some asparagus from a patch we planted in 2015.  Perhaps next year we will be ready to start selling this item and including it in our veggie subscriptions.  We like this stuff so much that we are planting another 1/4 acre of 'gus this summer, and considering planting another 1/2 acre a year after that.  We can't wait to share (in hopefully a year.)

Another new thing on the farm this month is our test batch of pastured chickens.  These ladies (and a couple of roosters) are in a coop on wheels that we can rotate through our vegetable fields and pasture grasses, to continue building fertility on our property.  In the future we might have more chickens (and eggs.)

We are still on track to start deliveries on Tuesday, June 6th -- We will send out an email the first week in June to confirm this, and to give you all the final details.  There is a small possibility that we will push the start date back a week (to June 13th) so please stay tuned.  In your first basket this season we will be including 1 or 2 tomato plants -- an heirloom variety called Mountain Princess which I've grown before and really like to keep the seeds alive.  It is a determinate variety, which means it does well in a short stake or tomato cage setup.  I've had success with them in 5 gallon buckets, so if you have a sunny porch or deck they will work there too.  Start thinking about a spot for them now.  We are growing several different tomato varieties for you on our farm, but nothing beats home grown, and wanted to give everyone the opportunity to grow something yourselves along with us.

Please send along any thoughts and questions you have about this season, and have a great Memorial Day.

Jesse Kate Charly Bear and Flora Lu