May (Spring!) update 2018

Hello Friends and Customers,

What an interesting spring season, right?  I worked this winter at a local ski resort, and we were skiing until April 14th, on a base of 6 feet of snow in some places.  On the farm, we've had snow and cold temperatures all the way through April until suddenly it's May and 80 degrees and we are getting our first thunderstorms.  Quite the ride.  Our new flock of chickens is finally outside roaming the pastures, and the eggs from our older flock our looking plump and orange yoked and taste great.  In the planting fields, the crops are starting to go into the soil as we slowly empty the greenhouse of transplants.  It feels great when spring is finally here to stay.

  The eggs from our chickens and veggies from our field will begin to be delivered to you on July 3rd, and we look forward to that day arriving.  This is of course a bit later in the season than we have done in years past, but that is because we are focusing on sustaining our vegetable season all the way through December.  In the meantime, feel free to visit your local farmers markets or farm stands as those early crops from other producers start to become available, and we'll see you in July!

As always, please feel free to send us any questions you might have about our farm and this year's growing season -- and we will be in touch with another update soon.

Jesse Kate Charlotte and Flora (and Fern Dog.)