Long Distance Farming With a Toddler

May 25th, 2016 --

Veggie Subscription deliveries start in 12 days!  Monday June 6th in Hamburg, and Tuesday June 7th in Buffalo.  My usual spring panic is subsiding, and the growing season is settling in like it always does -- who would have thought?  This spring has been a special adventure, since we are commuting to the farm from Buffalo until at least September, and often have little almost-three-years-old Charly Bear with us.  She does like to "help" of course, but the logistics of tending plants while keeping a barefoot kid from wandering into the thistle can be trying.  I will say that Charlotte is really good at spotting butterflies, finding "wormies," and filling my rubber boots with her rock "cowection."  Charly did manage to plant an entire tray of butternut squash seeds, (which had subsequently sprouted into seedlings) so come the fall when you are munching on squash, you'll have farmer Charly to thank.  How soon do you think I'll need to start paying her?


Please email us if you have any questions about what to expect logistically when deliveries begin, but I can give you a few details here:

-Vegetables will be delivered in a paper shopping bag with your name on it -- feel free to bring your own bag or box to unpack the bag if you don't want to bring it home with you.

-Even though we grow food free of chemicals and industrial inputs, we still recommend washing everything thoroughly before you eat it -- We will have washed many of the veggies initially (such as beets) or thoroughly (such as lettuce mix) or not at all (such as beans).   Since there are occasional wildlife in the field, it is best to wash at home to be on the safe side.

-You may have noticed a weekly cost breakdown on the website when you originally purchased your subscription. (such as $20 per week for a full subscription)  This is not what you owe, but just an idea of the quantity of local, naturally grown veggies you should expect on a weekly basis.  This is an average amount over the course of the summer -- we are a seasonal farm, so the amount may not quite meet the dollar figure for the first week or two, but by the end of the summer we will be exceeding that dollar figure.

- Every week, on Saturday or Sunday, we will publish a list of what will be in your veggie bag -- you can see this list on HarvestHand, and will be able to add more to your bag if we have extras.

- If you think you won't be able to make it to your scheduled pickup, we suggest getting a friend to help -- if you really are going to miss, call or email us 24 hours ahead of time and we will try to hold things over for you in the cooler.

** If you chose to pay in installments, and have perhaps missed the April 30th payment, you can do that anytime via HarvestHand or by mailing us a check.

Happy Memorial Day!

Little Bear Farm