Farm Update for 2018

 Greetings from Little Bear Farm --

  As the temperatures get colder and the leaves come down, we wanted to update everyone on our plans here at the farm for 2018, so you can keep us in mind for next year.

It's not a secret that we had some 2nd year growing pains this season, both with weather and with balancing our growing family while farming.  We believe we have managed to correct the issues we were having with our physical farmland, and have come up with a plan for the future that allows us to manage the farm and our family in a better way, especially over the next few years.

We've been experimenting and practicing all year with our first flock of pasture raised laying hens, (as well as quite a few rascally roosters) and are planning on growing our flock next year to allow egg sales and subscriptions.  We like to raise a mixed variety of "heirloom" chicken breeds that are allowed to range on grass and pasture, foraging for food and insect snacks in the warm months.  We plan on coupling this offering with a "Vegetable of the Week," basket, which would amount to 2-3 vegetable varieties every week, July 1st thru December.  Customers could sign up for the combo eggs and vegetables, just eggs, or just vegetables.  We are thinking of having purchases in 2 month blocks July-Aug, Sept-Oct, and Nov-Dec, but this hasn't been completely worked out yet.  There will also be an "Off Season" egg subscription starting in January of 2019.

We are still finalizing plans for how everything would work logistically, but look forward to having all the details worked out by early 2018.  If this sounds interesting to you, please keep us in mind for next year!  We would also love to hear feedback about this idea from you if you would like to reply to this email.

Have a great fall and winter, 

Jesse Kate Charlotte and Flora