Delivery for 7/10/18

Hi everyone -- ready for week 2?  We have some nice cucumbers this week we hope you enjoy and the summer squash and zucchini plants are in full swing.  I ate my first ripe cherry tomato yesterday, and so those should be making there way into the veggie box in the next week or two.  It is the middle of summer and the food is abundant in the field, but we are already starting fresh seedlings in earnest this week for our fall/winter vegetable subscription.  Not too much down time around here these days.

Please note that egg subscribers will be receiving 1/2 of an order this week as we mentioned you might.  That means if you normally get 1 dozen eggs, we will have a half dozen for you, and if you normally get 2 dozen we will have a dozen for you.  Again, this is due to us coaxing our new flock along into egg laying season.  The young roosters that guard the flock are crowing and doing their rooster things so that means the hens should be reaching egg laying maturity very soon.  We will make up any missed or incomplete egg orders later in the season with either doubled up eggs orders, extra weeks, or refunds for the missed eggs, your choice.  Should be any day now!

Here is what is in the veggie boxes this week:

Garden baskets Deliveries: Tuesday, July 9, 2018

Summer Veggie Box

Summer Eggs

Please remember pickup is between 330 and 6 in Buffalo, (387 Massachusetts Avenue) and 5-7 in Hamburg (318 Buffalo Street) tomorrow, Tuesday..  Please bring back your boxes from last week!  Eggs will be in a cooler, please remember to take them and make sure you take the right amount.

Thanks, and see you soon,