Deliveries for July 31st

 The mysterious, flightless and oviparous creature known as the "Chicken" in the act of laying an egg.We have some nice veggies this week, we hope you enjoy them, and it looks like next week will officially be "Salsa Week" based on some items we have ripening up including full sized tomatoes, Jalapeno, etc.  We've harvested the garlic from the field and it is hanging in the barn curing for storage.  Smells great!  Soon too, we will be digging potatoes and harvesting our storage onions.  Summer goes quick!

Our young flock of chickens is warming up the egg laying process -- we still have to do a half order of eggs this week, which means if you are signed up for 2 dozen you'll get 1, and 1 dozen will get a 1/2.  Sorry again, but this should be the last week of this nonsense.  Every day the ladies give us more eggs.

Despite the tardiness in our egg production, there is a perk that comes with experiencing the first few eggs from a laying hen's career.  Like many creatures, a hen is born with her entire life's egg supply, and works her way through them in the first 2-4 years of life.  The first few that she lays tend to be on the small side, often referred to as "peewees."  These cute little eggs are very delicious in my opinion, with a yoke that can be orange/red, and a flavor that is packed with rich eggy taste.  You might get a few of these peewees mixed into your assortment of eggs over the next couple of weeks, and if you do, please enjoy them -- i like to think of them as representing the promise of a happy life eating grasshoppers on a sunny hill.

Everyone is doing a good job returning vegetable boxes which is making things easy for us -- thank you.  Pickup is tomorrow, Tuesday July 31st, from 330 to 6 pm at 271 Grant Street, Buffalo, and 5-7 PM in Hamburg, 318 Buffalo Street.

Garden baskets Deliveries: Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

Summer Veggie Box

Summer Eggs