Cool down with Cucurbits in Week 3

  Hi friends and neighbors,

  Cucumber season is short and fleeting, and we have cucumbers in abundance right now, perfectly timed with the heat.  We've been eating cucumber salads with every meal (and even for some meals) and are finding them delicious and refreshing.  We hope you do too, because the cucumbers are being picked twice a day loading up our walk in cooler with their cool crispness.  We have two kinds for you this week, our english/american hybrid (Manny) and Suyo Long, the long twisty chinese variety that we find so tasty and pretty.

  We also have a couple heads of crisp iceberg lettuces -- don't be fooled, these varieties are nutritious as well as tasty.  They are great on sandwiches, burgers or in salads.  Overwhelmed by lettuce?  Lettuce actually keeps very well in the refrigerator when the leaves are washed, patted dry with a paper towel, separated, and kept in a ziplock bag or other sealed container.  Lettuce should keep this way for a week or more with no sign of losing freshness.

  Finally, we unfortunately have to do another 1/2 order of eggs this week.  I looked the birds real hard in the eyes and told them to buckle down, but it seems like they need a few more days.  When they do start laying, there should be a flood of eggs and we will be able to make up your orders quickly.  Thanks for understanding!

Please remember to bring your boxes back to the delivery site, and we will see you tomorrow.

Jesse Kate Charly and Flora

Garden baskets Deliveries: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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