April (Earth Day) Update

  Earth Day greetings from Little Bear Farm --  always a good day to get outside and remember that the Earth is all we have.

  Quite a difference a year makes -- Last year we received 2.5 inches of precipitation at our farm in April and May combined (very very low) and this year we received that much rain in just an evening!  It's been a wet one, the soil is looking great, the worms are having fun, and our early crops are poking above the ground and starting to flourish.  We can't wait to share!

One of the aspects of vegetable farming that I have come to enjoy is the seasonal rhythm of the work.  We wait and wait and wait in late winter and early spring to be able to get in the fields to begin our work, and then suddenly everything has to happen at once.  It reminds me of how the tree buds and greening grass pop and grow in just a couple of warm days.  After the idle winter, it is an absolute pleasure to be outside laboring dawn to dusk, with an enormous task checklist in your back pocket.  Spring!

  New projects at the farm this spring include an expanded irrigation set up (we irrigate from springs and streams on our property), an added acre of vegetable production, a new asparagus patch, experimenting with mobile chicken coops in the field and pasture, a new wash and pack station, and (hopefully) a new large hoophouse for summer tomatoes and winter greens production.  Always new things to work on around here.

  Our first vegetable delivery will be Tuesday, June 6th.  Let us know if you have any questions about how this works.  We will be sending along more details about deliveries and what to expect in May.  If you still need to pay for your veggie subscription in full or in an installment, you can do that anytime via the subscription website (www.littlebearfarm.harvesthand.com) or by mailing a check to LBF 8220 Rt 16 Franklinville NY 14737.

Finally --  we are trying to maintain decent updates and pictures of our farm on Instagram this year.  Please follow us @littlebearfarm if you would like.  And we are still accepting subscriptions for 2017.  Please consider referring us to a friend who likes vegetables.

--Jesse, Kate, Charly Bear and Flora Lu.  (and Fern dog.)