2018 Little Bear Farm Sign Ups

Little Bear Farm is happy to announce 2018 farm subscriptions, or "Garden Baskets," are now available for sign up!  We've made some adjustments this year to better balance the farm with our family life, and think many of you will find these changes helpful and worth trying.

The biggest change is in dividing our harvest season into two separate subscriptions: a "Summer" season, which is 13 weeks long from July 1st through August and September, and a "Fall" season, which is also 13 weeks through October, November and December. Each of these seasons has two products, our "Veggies of the Week" Garden Basket and an egg subscription, featuring one or two dozen eggs weekly from our pasture raised hens.

Customers who are interested can sign up to purchase any combination of these options. If you aren't sure you want to commit to a full summer and fall season, feel free to sign up for the 13 week summer season, and decide later if you also want to receive veggies from us through the fall. The same can be done with the egg subscriptions.

We have also decided to focus our vegetable varieties this year, in order to better offer quality veggies that are more familiar to the average customer. Each "Veggie of the Week" box will contain 3 varieties of veggie that will vary based on seasonality. At least 2 of those varieties will be what we would consider a "staple" veg, such as carrots, broccoli, onions, beans, beets etc, and occasionally a vegetable that might be a bit more adventurous, such as Tomatillo, Fennel, or Hot Peppers. Though our planned varieties have decreased somewhat this year, the quantity of the veggies should be enough for several meals of veggies for a family. These vegetable subscriptions are available for $15 a week, and will be delivered on Tuesdays to the West Side of Buffalo, or the Village of Hamburg.

Egg subscriptions are new this year, and something we are very excited about after a year of trialing our mobile chicken coops and flock. Our chickens are pasture raised, meaning we move them to fresh grass almost every day, where they are free to forage for plants and insects, and enjoy fresh air and exercise. Their eggs are delicious, colorful, and very fresh. Eggs you receive from us will be no older than 6 days, ensuring the freshest possible taste and nutrition. Eggs can be purchased for weekly deliveries, either $4.25/doz, or $8.00/2 doz.

Sign up today to reserve your 2018 subscriptions -- full payment is not required until the first week of deliveries in July, though farmers always appreciate customers who are willing to pay a bit early to help us get through the spring planting season. Please note too that a one time annual $15 admin/membership fee will be applied to your first order to help pay for our subscription services.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have, and please visit our instagram account @littlebearfarm, and website www.littlebearfarm.com for more info about our farm.  And please, share this info with friends and family who might also be interested.

Thanks, and Happy New Year -- Jesse, Kate, Charlotte and Flora